GK Transformation were commissioned by the Trust to undertake an option appraisal of its Sterile Services function, in the context of the need to upgrade an existing facility at a time when the Trust was looking to redevelop its main site.

GK Transformation deployed a multi-disciplinary team including Sterile Services, Estates management and Finance professionals who immediately developed a rapport with the client team.

The review was concerned with the financial evaluation of three specific options.

Option 1

Withdraw from the Beds and North London collaborative project upgrade the current RNOH HSDU facilities to meet minimum requirements until re-provided in the new development on Stanmore site 2014.

Option 2

Remain part of collaborative project with RNOH HSDU facilities moving to super centre location yet to be confirmed (Possibly Borehamwood Hertfordshire)

Option 3

Withdraw from the Beds & North London Collaborative and enter into a contract agreement with In Health Sterile Services with HSDU facilities moving to a super centre in South Ruislip.

Our Transformation Team undertook a financial option appraisal of the above listed three options, which included:

I.      Each option’s cost over a 15 year life cycle

II.      For Option 1 factored in cost of upgrade existing facility e.g. equipment and the cost of a total re- provision in the Stanmore rebuild

III.      Identified equipment shortfalls and associated costs

IV.      Compared costs for fast track turnaround times

V.      Look at impact of turnaround times on equipment requirements and any associated costs

VI.      Compared average costs per tray

VII.      Redundancy cost implications on existing work force

VIII.      The actual tray numbers the RNOH actually processes per annum

The Trust was provided with a summary evaluation report addressing the financial aspects of these three options.

The work undertaken by GK Transformation included up to the minute intelligence on the market supply side and factored in full risk and sensitivity analyses.

We presented the report to the Trust’s Directors and received praise for the quality of the work undertaken, both in relation to the technical understanding of the issues and the presentation of the information, particularly the financial analysis.