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Croydon Health Services NHS Trust provides hospital and community services from a number of community and specialist clinics throughout Croydon. The Trust is responsible for managing thousands of medical devices which vary in cost and complexity from simple oxygen flowmeters up to an MRI scanner.

We were commissioned to assist the Trust in achieving level 2 NHSLA standards with regards to medical devices, by developing an equipment management strategy which, would not only deliver service and cost benefit, but effectively manage associated risks.


Our Transformation Team undertook a review of the current strategic and operational management of medical devices across the Trust. Trust staff provided our team with the requested relevant management information and provided their support in various site inspections, technical investigations and informal discussions.

The review included assessing and making recommendations on the following key issues:

  • Trust policy effectiveness and compliance with regard to statutory, mandatory and best practice i.e. Care Quality Commission and NHS Litigation Authority.
  • Central Alert System and report on performance.
  • NHSLA compliance for medical equipment training needs.
  • Effectiveness of the service concerning staff training equipment selection, product support, information systems and staff/resources.
  • Assessing the gaps, within the ‘complete management process’ for medical equipment, highlighting any risks, strengths and weaknesses of the current provision identifying areas for improvement and remedial action, together with high-level action plans.
  • An analysis of medical equipment contracts which could offer financial savings was undertaken and a quantification of number of assets which medical electronics have direct responsibility for.
  • The recommendations and suggested ways forward from the above review were presented to the Trust and provided in a report.


From this initial review we were then commissioned to provide onsite professional consultative support, ongoing project management, and to form the Medical Device Group (MDG) which now oversees and delivers all aspects of medical device management.

Our Transformation Team successfully implemented a Medical Device Controller Programme across the Trust which reported back to the MDG with information around auditing and monitoring of the next steps to be undertaken.

Customer Testimonials

“Very Positive GK Transformation came in under difficult financial and work force conditions and did a good job”

Gavin Marsh Medical Director Croydon Health Services NHS Trust