The deadline for your 2020/2021 PAM return is fast approaching!

We have experience working with a number of NHS trusts over several years so are well positioned to provide you with provide support to meet your mandatory reporting obligations.

We have three levels of PAM support and can adapt these to meet your requirements. Please see more information on our support levels below and get in touch to discuss further.


Preparedness Audit

We will work with you to locate and document the information sources necessary to complete the assessment spreadsheet.
At first glance, the data requirements of appear daunting. However much of the information required should be readily available from existing documents and can be divided into three classes of sources as detailed on our website. We will provide an initial scoring and assessment on your PAM spreadsheet, along with actions to further improve scoring.  These actions are then summarised in a separate report with a high-level project plan to share with stakeholders.


Completion of the PAM SAQs

Our silver level pf PAM support includes the preparedness audit from the bronze level and in addition, a gap analysis will be used to identify those specific areas where the organisation is under-performing and produce detailed project plans to help you to close out actions with best practice solutions.  We will also forensically review your evidence for content for compliance with standards and expectations from regulators and add these to the recommended actions.


Implementation  & Training Support 

Gold level PAM support includes all bronze and silver level benefits. After preparation and audit completion the real benefit is to ensure suggested actions are fully implemented to allow the Trust to achieve  the required level of compliance and also maximise any potential savings. At this stage our teamwork alongside the Trust to deliver the above, offering training, support and assistance where necessary.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you, contact us today by emailing us at or phone us on 01273 030154.